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About roylehypnotist

Bringing the Hypnotized Fantasy Trance Art of Roger Howarth to Life. Please Also see Amazon for books by Roger Howarth & Jonathan Royle.

Pictured on the Left of the Photographic Profile Image, I was Born Plain Alex William Smith on 13th August 1975.

However I am now known World Wide as International Celebrity Hypnotherapist, Comedy Stage Hypnotist, NLP & Hypnotism Teacher and Psychological Illusionist Jonathan Royle of www.MagicalGuru.com

Over the past few years prior to his passing I Hypnotized (upon his request) my good friend and Cousin The Late Roger Howarth (pictured on the right of the photographic profile image) and whilst under the influence of Hypnotic Mind Expansion Techniques he created a Series of Unique & Exclusive Digital Fantasy Art Works.

The Copyrights upon these and permission to Publish were passed to me as part of my payment for my involvement in this experimental project and finally I have got around to starting to release these inspiring, thought provoking and eye catching works of art to the world.

PLEASE also search Amazon for Fantasy Fiction Books by Roger Howarth & Jonathan Royle.

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